Monday, March 17, 2008

A Selection of Haiku Poems On Life at the Katzen

By Katherine Sable

Heavy words and smoke
Supported on wobbly legs
A plastic table

Coffee and sandwich
A full semester’s stipend
At Katzen Café

Contents old but cold
I would like to scrub you out

A vigorous wave
Arms, legs, and other limbs
The lights come back on

Staff meeting persists
Sandwiches are hostages
Tighten your belts, kids

Bidet from commode
Important differences
I shoot pee at you

Green macaroni
Moldy, oldy, smelly foods
Spare a lunch some space

A sign could explain
What a student is made to
Which way to the show?

Popular venue
Please come, hold a fundraiser
Don’t mind the artwork

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