Monday, October 27, 2008

SALVAGE hair drawings by Youngmi Song & mixed media assemblage by M. Jordan Tierney

The creative minds of Youngmi Song and M. Jordan Tierney are currently showing at Gallery Imperato in Baltimore, MD with large displays of hair drawings and mixed media sculptures that focus on dwindling rural societies- hence the title- SALVAGE.

The show, which opened Friday October 24, 2008- features 3 open space rooms, with both artists intermixed throughout. Not overcrowded by work, the brick walls and sculpture bases are spread out to allow for conversational areas. The mood is much more ‘cafĂ©’ than gallery- a definite welcoming feel.

A close friend of mine, Youngmi, has experimented with her hair drawings for the past five years as she “tries to make a connection between (her) past, present, and future.” She found that her own hair represented that perfect circle, or ring of life, that included the past growth and the present roots.


Identified by Youngmi as her most significant piece is Trinity- hair affixed on thick rice paper- 30” x 86”. This tightly arranged geometric composition is a “symbolic idea that depicts a sense of relationship” – The identity of the relationship is neither defined nor determined. It is the personal relationship that one may have with a mate, or with himself and nature, or even with himself and the whole world.

Later works include the Barn (13” x 19”) and Tree (13” x 19”) series, which are reflections of daily life in the past as a remembrance to the possible destructions in the future.

For those able to attend, the show is one of unique quality- a definite if you are in the Baltimore area in the next month…
From Left: Cara Ober, Yumi Hogan, Youngmi Song, Rachel Sitkin

On view at Gallery Imperato in Baltimore through Dec. 6, 2008

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