Sunday, October 5, 2008

ARTifice and friends at "Stories From the Woods"

Work by Christine Buckton Tillman (top right)

Current Gallery in Baltimore, MD, saw an excellent turn out Friday night for the opening of "Stories From the Woods," which featured work by 2nd year AU MFA'er Bonner Sale. The show was curated by Alex Ebstein, of There Were Ten Tigers fame.

Other artists in the show included: Christine Buckton Tillman, Emily Nachison, Emily Slaughter, John Bohl, Annie Gray Robrecht.

Work by Bonner Sale:

Bonner Sale and fans

Work by Emily Nachison on the wall, Christine Buckton Tillman in the foreground:

Installation view

Annie Gray Robrecht:

Christine Buckton Tillman:

Alex Ebstein enjoys the fruits of her labors

John Bohl:

Emily Slaughter (really awesome installation + video!!!)

Some of the AU crew in attendance:

"Stories From the Woods" will be on view at Current until October 31st. It is definitely worth the trip to Baltimore!


lauren said...

Nice pics, folks... Go Bonner and Alex!!!

Allison said...

what's up my nerds? fyi i have jumps over here at JAM if you want them...

alex said...

omg, i look terrible! and wasted...