Monday, May 12, 2008

Childs and DeSaussure in "Here & Now"

Transformer is thrilled to present:

May 10 – 24; May 31 – June 14

Focusing on issues of place, time, fragility, security and fantasy, this two-site exhibition features 17 artists creating large scale, site-specific installations and environments within Transformer's project space, and in three floors of the former Church of the Rapture building space up the street from Transformer at 1840 14th Street, NW.

Artists Participating in Here & Now include:

May 10 – 24
At Transformer (1404 P Street, NW): Jennifer Burkley Vasher (Placitas, NM)

At 1840 14th Street, NW (entrance on T Street, NW):

Kyan Bishop & Kate Hardy (Washington, DC)
Sonya Blesofsky (Brooklyn, NY)
Mandy Burrow (Arlington, VA)
Graham Childs & Lily deSaussure (Washington,DC)
Derek Cote (Richmond, VA)
Mia Feuer (Richmond, VA)
Lisa Kellner (Hanover, VA)
Jong Sun (Jay) Lee (Baltimore, MD)
Chris Moukarbel (New York, NY)
Amy Rubin (British Columbia, Canada)
Paul Shoemaker (Richmond, VA)
Jiny Ung (Washington, DC)

From Transformer's press release:

DC artists Graham Childs and Lily deSaussure's installations celebrate the
domestic relationship, its hardships and its rewards. By building structures that
designate place, the artists create a theatrical platform on which these concepts perform. They state about their work: “In this collaborative work, we explore the many facets of our domestic relationship. The structures we build are simulations of our “dream” sunroom in our apartment as well as a portrait of domestic bliss. The space renders our own vulnerability as it yields a dissection and investigation into the adversities of shared lives. The environment, devoid of walls,remains framed by architectural elements and relays limitations of boundaries. The household objects painted white raise questions of intended specificity. Amidst the furniture, windows, molding, plants and other objects,hang hand-embroidered pieces depicting moments from our lives preceding our current relationship. These images of personal memories stem from different places and times specific to each of us and are connected only
by thread and color. The color is representative of the integrity of our environment as a whole – it suspends the architecture and stands for evidence of us.”

See Transformer's website for special programming, more details, and exhibition hours.


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