Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baptista and Sale in Artomatic

AU artists Josh Baptista and Bonner Sale have work on display in Artomatic!

photo by Alex Ebstein

Check them out before Sunday, June 15th!

About Artomatic from Artomatic's website:

Artomatic is a month-long multimedia arts event that draws together visual artists, musicians and performers and brings their work to the community without charge.

It was originally conceived as a way to break down the geographical and social segmentation of the Washington arts scene, to bring art directly to the public and to build cohesion among artists. The city's ongoing development in recent years has diffused the arts community by breaking up pockets of artist studios. In addition, local artists are sometimes overshadowed by national blockbuster shows and federal landmarks. Artomatic provides a forum for all of our area's artists to convene, perform and exhibit, strengthening the visibility, cohesion, and marketplace of Washington's arts community.

Visit Artomatic's website for more information about this event.

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