Sunday, November 23, 2008

AU MFA Open Studio Night

Virtual Tour of the MFA Studios

Jerri Castillo's Studio

Nikki Painter's Studio

Mindy Hirt

Lana Stephens' Studio

Kate Gartrell's Studio

Josh Baptista's Studio

Yumi Hogan's Studio

Rachel Sitkin's Studio

Claire Feng's Studio

Carlie Legield's Studio

Studio of Brendan Loper aka B.Lo aka Peter Slacks

Bonner Sale's Studio
Annette Isham's Studio

Allison Reimus's Studio

Amy Kreiger's Studio

Kate G., Bradley Chris, Nikki Painter


Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICS! The studio images were a really nice idea.

"Bradley Chriss gets lifted by AU powerlifters..."

<3 n

Allison said...

haha. american university power lifting team. i'm dying!

Jay Sitkin said...

Look at those explosions in Rachel's studio. Someone is playing too many games of POP PIES! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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