Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Latest Obsession

by Cory Oberndorfer

For those who have not stopped by Irvine Contemporary recently, you are missing out! Montreal-based Heidi Taillefer is currently exhibiting Muses and Heroes until May 10. With her first US solo exhibition, Taillefer reminds us that skilled painters can still exist and show in a contemporary gallery. It wasn't until my second visit to see the show that I began notices such fine details as a perfectly drawn spring that helps construct a cyborg horse in Horse with Bird, and the spring is only about a sixteenth of an inch wide. You've never seen mythology illustrated quite like this. I've included a short description from the Irvine press release below, but it only hints at what these works contain.

Taillefer's oil paintings on canvas and panel are an original creative fusion of contemporary realism and mythology combined with popular traditions ranging from Victorian romanticism and fantasy illustration to science fiction. She has developed a compelling new approach to contemporary questions in painting surrounding realism, surrealism, myth, and the human body in the machine and cyborg age. Her striking imagery combines painterly surrealism and hyper-realism with current cyborg fantasies--Max Ernst meets The Matrix. Heidi Taillefer's Muses and Heroes runs from April 5 to May 10 with an opening reception with the artist on Saturday, April 5, 6-8PM.

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