Saturday, March 17, 2007

Water Media on Paper at Heineman Myers Contemporary Arts

Congrats Ms Davis on your win!

Congrats Marty Weishaar, Kelly Ulcak,
Amy Misurelli Sorensen, and Sharon Servilio
for being included in this show.

The National Society of Arts and Letters Washington Chapter
announces The Harriet L. Newbill Art Competition 2007
Water Media on Paper

exhibit at Heineman Myers Contemporary Art in Bethesda, Maryland
open to the public March 18
Exhibit opening and announcement of winner 2-4 p.m.

My take by David Waddell

I could not really be surprised at the choice of grand prize for this competition. They went with the safe choice. The jurors chose an artist who captured realistic portraits through watercolor. They were very traditional pieces. Overall, Davis' pieces all looked pretty much the same.

I think it was a huge achievement for Amy Misurelli Sorensen's work to be included in a Water Media on Paper show as it was displayed in a conservative locale. Her work is exciting, colorful, crisp and SEXUAL. As you enter the gallery, her clean and professioanlly framed work is the first to be seen. It was as if they were practically handing her the $4,000 prize and yet, they did not.

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