Thursday, June 21, 2007

Really Rad in the Windy City

Lloyd Dobler Gallery is pleased to present 'Really Rad Videos', a curated
screening of work by Nathan Baker, Lew Baldwin, Justin Berry, Lucas
Brunelle, Julia Hechtman, Greg Stimac, Jeremy Somer, H. David Waddell,
Ryan Fenchel, Diego Leclery and many others.

'Really Rad Videos' will take place this Friday, June 22nd, there will be
two identical hour-long screenings at 8pm and 10pm at Lloyd Dobler
Gallery. The work focuses on an array of intriguing, thought provoking
and just plain awesome videos by emerging and established artists from
all over the country. Content ranging from bike culture, music videos,
turning disco balls, sculpture documentation, your favorite video game
characters and obtrusive clay penises.

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